A kosher mezuzah on every Jewish door

The mezuzah campaign offers the purchase of new quality kosher Mezuzos at an affordable price with free installation. As well as full service with checking Mezuzos and their placement. 

Join the campaign today! If you need new Mezuzos for your home or office, or if yours haven’t been checked in the past three and half years, let us know and we will get you taken care of and fully protected.
For all your Mezuzah needs please contact us @ 718 791 1288 or [email protected].
For a full mezuzah gallery see here 
The Campaign
On December 20 2015, a appreciation Dinner was held in our synagogue, to give gratitude to Almighty G‑d and the community at large for all the their support. Attended by over two hundred community members, it was truly an evening of delight, inspiration and positive energy. See here a special video that was prepared for the evening.


At the event a Mezuzah Campaign was launched. In an original poem, Rabbi Heshy put in these words:


 In honor of twenty five years, a gift of holy stuff
We’ll put up 250 Mezuzahs, and I’m not sure that’s enough

A Mezuzah is made of parchment, on which the shma is written
It’s a biblical Mitzvah, and the best security system
We place it on our doorposts, at home and at work
It’s like wearing a helmet, to make sure we don’t get hurt

A feather and special ink, are used by a scribe an expert
He must be trained and qualified, which demands lots of effort
Age and extreme weather, can make the letters crack
That’s why we get them checked, every three years and a half


Since then, over 850 mezuzahs have been put up and checked! See here for some of the photos. If you would like to partner with us and help those who cannot afford a mezuza, please donate here.