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Ever feel lost at the services because you can’t follow Hebrew? 
Want to help your children with their Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons? 
Planning on visiting Israel and want to read the street signs? 
Want to study the Torah in its original language?
Perhaps it’s time to learn your own Jewish language

This time proven course will teach you to read Hebrew in only five weeks. We will be using text books (that will be provided) with PowerPoint’s to get you used to the Hebrew letters, vowels and order so that you will be fluent in them at the end of the five weeks.

This class is geared toward those who are currently unable to read Hebrew, as well as those who would like to improve their fluency. Whether you are interested in classical Hebrew (as found in the prayer-books) or modern Hebrew as spoken in Israel, this class is ideal for you. If you are unsure if you qualify for this course or would like to learn to speak and understand Hebrew please contact us through using the contact information above.

For more information please email:
[email protected]
 or call: 718-791-1288